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Lisa Franklin – The place To Go for facials in London

Don’t know about you guys, but I just love it when my skin is being pampered.

Maintaining a healthy and glowing skin has become part of my daily routine and I am a true fan of organic skin care products.

Thanks to the innovative products and services in the beauty industry nowadays, beautiful and young looking skin is very easy to achieve.

As you know I have recently moved to the UK and one of the first thing I was on a mission for was to find a good beauty clinic where I could keep maintaining a healthy skin. Not long I was looking for one – Lisa Franklin Clinic Prive was recommended by several friends and Daniela is the lady I now trust my skin.

Of course I had facials before, but the one I had at Lisa Franklin Clinic Prive was exceptional – my skin has never looked to glowing, soft and young after any of the facials I had before. And all of this achieved with natural ingredients and not in any aggressive way.

I am delighted to share with you my skin experience at Lisa Franklin Clinic Prive and recommend this amazing place where not only you get exclusive attention but also instant results thanks to the most advanced cosmeceutical products that this clinic is using.

So here we go – my step by step experience and journey to a perfect looking skin:

  • After entering the clinic I was warmly welcomed and offered drinks and snacks while comfortably relaxing on the sofa.

  • At the clinic before any procedure is being carried out one must fill out a form, describing the condition of their skin, overall health and previous treatments.

  • Having filled out my form my skin was ready to be pampered for the next 1 ½ hours by my very own personal beautician Daniela.

  • All facials at Lisa Franklin Clinic Prive start with cleansing the face under a steamer, followed by soft gommage under the steam to make sure you get good preparation of the skin before the deep skin work begins.
  • Once the beautician is happy with the skin being thoroughly cleansed and prepared, the skin is then boing diagnosed with a deep magnified light. This is the moment when you learn all about the current condition of your skin and Daniela shared with me a plan how to get my skin to where it should be.

As an example my skin showed slight signs of pigmentation from the sunlight (I know sun in the UK is not something you are usually blessed with, but believe me it strikes and damages your skin even while hidden behind the clouds).

So at this stage I received my first very important advice – to always use sun cream under my make-up – SPF between 30 and 40. Of course I got one right after the session.

  • Next step was Micro Peel with fruit acid followed by a Mud Mask to take all the black heads out, pain-free. Yes, absolutely and entirely pain-free.

At this stage my skin was as clean as it can ever get and the feeling was superb!

  • Now the following step was where the real magic happened – an anti-age procedure done by a Galvanic machine called AGELOC. It targets the aging at a genetic level, meaning it reaches out to the deepest layers of your skin and attacks both the signs and the sources of ageing (pain-free).

I think it is worth mentioning that I haven’t got any deep wrinkles, just a few fine lines which after this procedure have disappeared.

  • The AGELOC treatment was then followed by a very pleasant Lymphatic drainage massage to remove all the residual toxins.
  • To help my skin breathe easily I had my favourite Oxygen treatment.
  • The last treatment I had was a specific one I asked for. I needed a procedure that will help reduce the dark circles and puffiness under my eyes (as I am using my computer daily and my eyes are suffering). And so I got one – a Peptide treatment that did wonders to my under the eye area and I don’t need to apply a great amount of concealer anymore.

  • We finished with Lisa Franklin Pro-Effect Luminescent Base* + Alumier tinted SPF and a Collagen lip gloss leaving my skin feeling and looking amazing with no sign of redness.

* Lisa Franklin Pro-Effect Luminescent Base is a singular combination of rare precious minerals and the latest technologically advanced ingredients. It glides effortlessly over the skin with a silky soft sensuous feel. Wrinkles and pores are instantly reduced skin tone is evened out.

Later that day I had an event I was attending and I once again used the Lisa Franklin Pro-Effect Luminescent Base as a base for my make-up. The result could be seen below. My make-up stayed as flawless as on the picture for the whole night.

Thank you Lisa Franklin Clinic Prive and special thanks to my beautician Daniela.


Lisa Franklin Clinic Prive

186 Sloane Street

Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 9QR

+44(0)20 7752 0217



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