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Lisa Franklin – The place To Go for facials in London

Don’t know about you guys, but I just love it when my skin is being pampered.

Maintaining a healthy and glowing skin has become part of my daily routine and I am a true fan of organic skin care products.

Thanks to the innovative products and services in the beauty industry nowadays, beautiful and young looking skin is very easy to achieve.

As you know I have recently moved to the UK and one of the first thing I was on a mission for was to find a good beauty clinic where I could keep maintaining a healthy skin. Not long I was looking for one – Lisa Franklin Clinic Prive was recommended by several friends and Daniela is the lady I now trust my skin.

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My summer skin essentials / Как поддържам кожата си през лятото

Момичета, всяка от нас иска да се чувства и изглежда красива в кожата си по всяко време.

Колкото и грижи да полагаме за нея обаче, често те не са достатъчни или винаги искаме още нещо, което да я направи неотразима…

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If you are a fan of carrot cakes, you will love these carrot & apple muffins.

They are made with no eggs, and would be vegan if not the Philadelphia cheese topping…

I couldn’t stop eating and thank God there is still a lot of them. I made 21 medium size muffins, enough for the upcoming long Easter weekend and perfect with morning coffee or tea.

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Healthy weekend: Fruity chia pudding

My „healthy weekend“ suggestion for you today is this Chia pudding, arranged with variety of fruits.

Chia seeds are known for centuries and can be qualified as a Super food. They are rich in protein,are a natural antioxidant, three times stronger than the blueberries and are full of Omega-3 acids.

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Healthy weekend: Avo/egg toast


I’m starting this new section in my blog, called ‘“HEALTHY WEEKEND“. Every Friday afternoon I’m going to share a healthy and quick breakfast meal, which you could prepare by yourself. I came up with this idea, as breakfast is the most important of the day for me.